Family Business

Navigate the future with us

At the heart of our operation lies a family business powered by the collective strength of every member. Together with our staff, we aim to create a future shaped not by individual gain but by collective progress. Just as in our machines, our success is the result of the harmonious cooperation of all components.

Our identity

Rooted in South Tyrol (Italy),
globally active.
The Alpine landscape
sparks our creativity.
We strive to find the
best solution.
Diverse talents
create synergy.

About us

The desire to shape our environment is an intrinsic quality of human nature, and we had no choice but to rise to this challenge. The outcome is our brand-new headquarters in Gais, the new home of Micros Automation in the Dolomites.

We are deeply connected to our roots and the strong regional culture of South Tyrol and the Pustertal valley. The natural beauty of our region and its mountains serves as a wellspring of inspiration.

The nature that surrounds us guides the simplistic design of our special-purpose machines.

Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian polymath, once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Nature perfectly illustrates this statement. The beauty and elegance of nature lies in its simplicity. Nature creates and maintains complex systems and processes in the simplest ways. Nature is also a master at reusing and recycling. Everything in nature has a purpose and a function, and nothing goes to waste.

Nature is a wonderful example of how simplicity and effectiveness go hand in hand.


What we

The mindful use of resources is growing ever more important. Therefore, our operations employ a structured approach divided into five phases.

As a system integrator in special-purpose machine building, we elevate our customers’ products to an industrial level. Our approach centers on the specific task, integrating our expertise and adjusting, enhancing and merging the knowledge of our systems and components to develop a smart special-purpose machine.

Our special-purpose machines allow our customers to achieve global success.

Our guarantee:
high-tech craftsmanship from South Tyrol.


Our story

In 1994, Christian built the first machine, which became the cornerstone of today’s company. In the years that followed, Micros Automation evolved into a prominent figure in the world of special-purpose machine building. Our company is known for its innovation as a system integrator and its openness to tackling new challenges.

With the next generation of the family joining the business and the establishment of the new company headquarters in 2021, Christian and Annemarie’s family enterprise, renowned for its South Tyrolean reliability, decisively oriented itself towards future expansion and growth.

To further bolster growth and deliver optimal support to international customers, subsidiaries were established in the USA and Germany.

Be a part of Micros’
ongoing success story