ISO 9001   -  Quality management systems

ISO 9001 specifies the minimum requirements for quality management that must be implemented in order to meet customer requirements and other requirements for the quality of products and services. A key principle of ISO 9001 is the process-oriented approach, with all essential operational processes accompanied and documented. In this way, optimization opportunities can be discovered even in well-functioning organizations.

ISO 14001 -  Environmental management systems

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. The standard is based on the PDCA cycle of continuous improvement. It provides a systematic framework for integrating environmental management practices into the business. It promotes environmental protection measures, prevention of unnecessary pollution, minimization of waste and reduction of energy and resource consumption.

ISO 45001 -  Occupational health and safety management systems

As the first international standard, ISO 45001 offers a comprehensive framework for occupational health and safety management systems, defines requirements, and contains instructions for practical implementation. It enables organizations to actively address the risks and opportunities of EMS and thereby improve employee health and safety. The standard was published in March 2018 by the International Standard Organization (ISO). It replaces OHSAS 18001, which was previously the leading international standard for occupational health and safety management systems.