Our special-purpose machines: smart excellence

We are SMART: our objectives are Specific, our progress is Measurable, our motivation is Attractive, our capabilities are Realistic, and our project delivery is Timely, all thanks to our five-phase project management approach.

SMART: In creating our special-purpose machines, we aim to develop and build highly efficient systems by simplifying the interacting components.

SYSTEM AREAS: We categorize our special-purpose machines into three system areas based on the key functions they serve: assembly, testing and handling.

STANDARD MACHINES: These are special-purpose machines that we have built several times or that are already being used in similar applications.


Assembly Systems

Our assembly systems are highly automated special-purpose machines designed for product assembly, ensuring an efficient production process for our clients. The assembly systems usually also include testing and handling, which are our two other system areas. This interaction facilitates product manufacturing – from the automatic provision of individual components to the packaging of tested and documented finished products.


Testing Systems

Our testing systems are designed to ensure product quality. They automate the process of assessing features and verifying specifications to identify any deviations.


Handling Systems

Our handling systems palletize, load and pack. We use these for handling and transport within the process chain, offering automated solutions to enhance efficiency.


Standard Machines

Our standard machines are special-purpose machines that have shown the potential to be used in the same or similar configurations or by different customers. Examples of classic standard machines are our palletizing systems and our crate changer.

Achieve your project goals the SMART way