Control and testing systems

Inspection Cell

The machine is designed to remove workpieces from wire pallets that are transported in transport trolleys and to inspect them. If the result of the inspection is positive, the parts are sent to the further machining process. The parts are placed on blister packs along the system transport path. If the result is negative, the parts are placed in the designated containers.

Parts are inspected in the inspection cell. The robot places the pieces in the inspection cell, there are 3 parking places on the rotating table for inspection. The following tests are performed in the inspection cell:
  • Measurement of the total length of the parts (Overall Lenght Inspection)
  • Verification of the dimensions of the opening in the piece (Balls-Slots Inspection)
  • Surface control, eg. for breakouts, etc. (Face Defect Inspection)
Inspection Cell

Technical details and layout

Space needed:
Dimensions: 1928 x 940 x 2421mm
Weight: 1000 kg

Combined construction in steel and aluminum

Energy requirements:
Connection with 480VAC / 2.5 kW

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