Feeding systems

Feeding BSS-220

The BSS-220 feeder is designed to equip a Sunnen honing machine. This is loaded with workpieces using a robot. The workpieces are transported into the machine by a conveyor belt and the loading robot places the parts on the honing machine. After the machining cycle, the workpieces are removed again and placed on the conveyor belt.
Feeding BSS-220

Technical details and layout

Space requirement:
1350 x 1540 x 2344 mm

Totel weight:
800 kg

Power requirement:
electricity 400 VAC, 3.0 kW

Scara robot:
Epson G6-651-DW

  • maximum range 650 mm
  • Stroke Z-axis 150 mm
  • Maximum load 3/6 kg
  • Repeatability +/-0.015 mm
  • Motorpower: A1 400 W, A2 400 W, A3 200 W, A4 100 W

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